Here is the HARD truth


Hard Water Causes Irreversible Damage


Hardness, along with other undesirable minerals in water, cost businesses and home owners millions of dollars annually in plumbing repairs, energy consumption, premature replacement of equipment, fixtures and linens.

With HWP water softeners, you’ll save on energy, equipment, plumbing repairs and general maintenance. You can extend the life of equipment, fixtures and linens, while saving on chemicals and detergents, not to mention added benefits of cleaner glassware, softer towels and better tasting beverages.

If you are looking for a premium quality residential  water softener, one that is built to last and backed with the best warranty in the business, YOU HAVE FOUND IT! Getting a water softener from HWP Water Systems is dramatically different than getting one from a low-budget internet guy who works out of his garage. Our systems are the largest on the market with a 13"x54" diameter. This allows us to give you double the protection that our competitors cannot give you.                         

Here's Why: 

We use only the highest quality parts, tanks, distributors and resin, backing our systems with the best warranty in the business. There are many ways to make a water softener cheaper, but we refuse to cut corners! You too can reduce your business’ or homes operational costs by reducing hard water scale, which protects the plumbing system, fixtures and equipment from unnecessary wear and, therefore, from premature maintenance/replacement. Virtually all commercial, industrial or institutional buildings can benefit from water softening systems, including schools, health clubs, restaurants, apartment/condominium buildings, hospitals/medical buildings, office buildings, car washes, laundries, nursing homes, hotels/motels and factories, just to mention a few.


We are a company with heart. All of our products are custome

We are a company with heart. Each water softener is custom designed to the exact specification that is needed for your home. When it comes to your family there is no substitute for clean water.

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