10 Stage Multi-Alkaline Media SOFTENER


When you go solar with us, you will receive a FREE  10"x54" water system  (must be 6.5 kw or larger)

Equinox is a deluxe water conditioner for the whole house. With its 13” X 54” size, it is the largest and only alkaline water conditioner on the market. The Equinox  unit has a 10-stage process that uses 10% multi-Alkaline media.  This process allows the Equinox to treat everything from natural and man-made chemicals to heavy metals including chemicals like chlorine and chloramine (two super harmful chemicals). The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that the byproducts of chlorine and chloramine in water may act as human carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). The Equinox  system also works with potassium, one of the best sources of fertilizers for plants or lawns. This system eliminates sodium and provides you with pure soft water, free of harmful chemicals. It includes the ultimate in control valves for water conditioners. Equinox  uses pure 10% media to maintain soft water to protect the house plumbing and old appliances from rust and scale buildup. It also results in spot free dishes and silverware. The use of Equinox  soft water throughout the house will bring the cost of cleaning supplies down as much as 75%. This results in a savings of up to $150.00 a month. Equinox  soft water is good for the environment and helps to protect our planet. The Equinox soft water conditioner has many certifications, for its components.