6 stage alkaline drinking water system, ph



Defiant is the ultimate and most effective 6-stage purified alkaline water filtration system on the market. Defiant is considered the “Next Generation” of reverse osmosis systems. Not only does it provide pure filtrated drinking water for the home, but it also provides alkaline water in the process. Defiant is popular because of the ease to operate and maintain. Reverse osmosis units provide an answer to the challenges of treated water in our communities, and help in eliminating the need to buy bottled water. Many municipal water sources in the U.S. use either chlorine or its most common substitute, chloramine, as disinfectants. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that the byproducts of chlorine and chloramine in water may act as human carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). Although the Defiant reverse osmosis unit uses a combination of carbon filters to remove most contaminants, it also sends the water through an extremely tight membrane that filters particles that carbon filtration alone cannot do. 

For example, if there’s lead in your water, the ultra-thin film membrane of the Defiant unit will remove 95% to 98% of it. If your water has a high amount of sodium, the same ultra-thin film membrane will remove 91% to 96% of it. Sodium is not removed by normal filtration. The Defiant  reverse osmosis membrane, in conjunction with the carbon filtration that accompanies it, is the best technology available for the removal of sodium and the chloramine which many city water systems now use instead of chlorine.

The Defiant reverse osmosis system includes alkaline media that balances the pH level of the water being produced by the unit. Typically, water purified by a system of carbon filters and a membrane is acidic. Defiant  marries the purified water and balances the pH levels to produce alkaline purified drinking water.


Home Water Pros "Dream 1"

At HWP we believe in change for the better, that's why we have our newest addition "Dream 1". HWP Dream 1 is like no other Alkaline water system on the market. Dream 1 is capable of 400 GPD of the highest and purest alkaline water available on the market today. This revolutionary system has a built in pump so no need for the bulky storage tank under your sink. You get amazing water on the spot! Dream 1 filters are also four times larger than any other filter on the market. Thus meaning you can go up to two years before changing them. HWP newest design has made it so any homeowner can change their own filters if need be. No need to pay those costly service calls any more. It's as simple as one, two, three and you are done! The front panel also takes readings of the solids coming in and what is leaving ensuring you are getting top quality water every time. The bar graph even shows you when the filter needs to be changed, so no more buying filters and wasting money when they are not needed.